Friendsgiving comes to Lipscomb

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are well known for their food and festivities, but we often take that for granted. Here in our own little world we focus on all the fun that we get to have while there are some people out there who not only aren’t invited to the holiday parties but miss out on meals daily.


Food helps tie all of life together. It is necessary to mind and body functions, obviously, but it also has spiritual impact.

Jesus worked miracles with food. For example feeding the 5000, turning water into wine, the disciples large catch of fish, etc.

He is also found eating with others many times whether they are friends, family, or tax collectors and sinners.

Jesus even is the food and the drink. He is our life-giving thing that can heal better than anything we can actually ingest. He preaches multiple times on being the bread of life and living water. We take communion in remembrance of Him as the broken bread and poured out wine.


Food gives us what we need to be able to focus, thrive, and have abundant life. I can’t imagine my life without this opportunity to be filled each day and often enjoy it with friends and family. That’s why I love festivities like that!


Back to those who don’t get this. It is so simple to actually do something to help them. We spend (myself so guilty) lots of money on our food and drinks when it really is not worth that much. (Do you really think it took $5 to get that bread and cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich? A whole loaf of bread can be less than $2.) So the real impact of just a couple dollars can go a long way in feeding people in need. That’s why each year No Kid Hungry has a campaign called Friendsgiving where we can do what we love with people that we love while also helping those in need. Through this fundraiser, just $1 can help provide up to $10 meals.

That’s why this year I am hosting a friendsgiving right here on Lipscomb’s campus this Thursday, November 3rd in the Elam lobby from 4-6pm. Any and everyone is welcome even if you want to just drop by for a minute! We will also have some food and be showing the Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

You can also give online at our “team page” through December 31st. I am so pumped and hope you all can help!

friendsgiving-1 friendsgiving-2