The Holy Spirit knows no distance

Do you ever have that thought of “This is just what I needed”? I have been getting that a lot lately — a lot as in at least daily if not several times a day.

Not too far apart, God sent me some encouragement from some of the people closest to my heart who are actually relatively far away from me in person right now. However, that physical distance doesn’t matter. The power of prayer and the Holy Spirit have no limits.


One Saturday morning I was out at Vaughn’s Gap watching the team do a workout, and there were butterflies everywhere! This one landed on me, so I decided to take a picture and later post it to my instagram. The verse I used was Psalm 59:16, “But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love, for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” Later in the afternoon of the day I posted it, my Dad took a screenshot, sent it to me saying, “Yesterday a butterfly that looked exactly like that landed on my chest, and I thought of you.” This was not only sweet of him, but amazing that it was the same. I believe this was a sign to the both of us that things were going well, God was watching over me and keeping me safe, no need for worries.

This verse had a continuing impact into the next day, too. One of my best friends since kindergarten and I had been talking one day, and she sent me some encouraging verses and similar things that I woke up to the next morning. (Katlyn is on the cross country team at Milligan College.) The first verse she used? Psalm 59:16. That’s when you really know that’s what God wants you to hear.


Another awesome surprise was when I received a message from the post office that a package had arrived for me. It was from my two best friends from high school who also happened to live in my neighborhood. Chantal and Cherie are twins, so they’re basically the same person, but we all three are like the same person. They know me so well and get me the best gifts and surprises from anyone I know! I couldn’t believe that they did this for me. This was no cheap thing either, and they’re also college runners at UT Martin without jobs, too. No special occasion other than they wanted to let me know that they love me and are praying for me and to encourage me to trust God with whatever is going on in my life.

This just made my day — so many of my favorites!
*Coffee — a mug and Starbucks card
*Peanuts — the coffee mug
*Encouragement for the process-the Peanuts coffee mug-that combined 3 in 1!
*Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie — I am an ambassador for them, too! (So if you want to check out some delicious and tasty cookies, muffins, and brownies, visit my page!)
*Protein bars — for my desserts and snacks
*Decoration — one of the simple things that makes my heart so happy; they even decorated the inside of the box with verses! A note was also included.
*Laughs — they give me tissues (usually holiday themed) to poke fun at my very loud nose blowing. I can’t help it! That’s something that became a joke on the team as people could walk in the bathroom and just hear me blowing my nose and know who was in there.

Doing little things can encourage people more than you could ever know.

What is something someone has given you, material or intangible, that has spoken to your heart?