There is power in prayer (plus a pumpkin poll)

I use alliteration a lot, just in case you don’t really know me.

Since this is my last post of the month of October, the quintessential fall month, I wanted to add a little poll to the end of this about one of my favorite fall things — the flavors! Sweet potato and apple are two of my other seasonal favorites, but we will keep it to pumpkin for this one.


But first, coffee. Just kidding. First, Jesus. Prayer — something that has had a profound impact on my life the past couple months.

It may sound strange, but I don’t really look forward to the weekends. I enjoy the school week more. People are here, and things go on a schedule. More events happen, and I always know that I will have friends around. On the weekends with no class, many people go home or somewhere else, and campus is quiet. The caf also closes early and has more limited food. I get pretty lonely sometimes. However, there have been some events, just all happening at the same time! They are so intriguing, but I am so indecisive. Then I get stressed over which thing to choose so that I don’t miss out on something. The solution that I have found to that problem? Prayer.

One weekend was actually packed. Friday to Sunday there were options of my parents, camping, a goat festival, luau, bonfire, church. For Sunday evening, I was debating between the bonfire and church, really wanting to go to the bonfire, but not alone. Throughout the afternoon, I prayed that god just somehow show me which one He wanted me to do. Minutes later, my phone rang. A girl from the team, Kendra, had seen where I was asking if anyone was going, and she was and offered to take me! That was my sign that I should go to the bonfire. It ended up being a great time with food, fun, painting pumpkins, fellowship and singing worship songs around a bonfire.

2016-10-09-16-56-02   2016-10-09-18-10-38

The next weekend, I was again struggling with what to do with my Sunday. I had so much homework (as usual, I feel), but one of the other freshman girls on the team had invited us all to her house to carve pumpkins and other fun stuff. We would be staying for dinner and stuff, so we wouldn’t be going to church either. Now, I really love Ethos. I really wanted to go and have fun and participate, but I was also stressed. I prayed about this decision, too, decided to tell Kailey that I would come, and just went with it. However, right after that, she sent out a message saying that a lot of people were worried about homework and such, so we could plan to do it the next week. That made the decision for me!  The afternoon ended up being beautiful, and I got lots of work done sitting outside. I had time to dress up for church, hear a fantastic message and have a great dinner and fellowship back at school.


Answered prayers for God’s work to be known and shown is also kind of the theme in a previous post I did about a night going out with some friends!

The more I see this happen in the world and my own life, the more I am willing to trust God’s plan. When He shows us the way, we should be faithful and walk in it. It leads to the best destinations, usually in the most unexpected ways.

While I’m at it, I can’t believe October is over, but Happy Halloween!

These are not all my pumpkin indulgences, but just a few.


Pied Piper Creamery, Target treats, Sweet Cece’s, pumpkin cheesecake pudding mousse mom made and cookies from a friend, Yogurt Mountain, and The Comfy Cow.